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Indian Wedding Videography

Our Indian Wedding Videography team will provide the complete cinematic experience by storytelling concept. We offer full-length feature films where you can see all essential segments of the day in their own entirety. The short highlight film is a summary of all your events compiled into story telling concepts. Teaser/Reel showcases a preview and more suitable for Social Media platform. cinematic style. Your wedding films will display all details in high-definition full HD 1080p or UHD4k with super sharp quality. Use of multiple cameras will showcase mixture of different angels. Our unique post production editing style will leave you speechless. Your wedding films will tell a story.

We provide full day coverage from getting ready till the end of the reception. Our coverage also includes aerial drone coverage for Baraat procession. Add-on includes Live Streaming, Live Feed, Same Day Edit, and more.

You can also ask for an upgrade to record your wedding day in UHD 4K. 


wedding teaser film

Wedding teaser film is very short summary of your wedding celebration. It is usually about a minute or so and you can find many samples on our instagram page. 


wedding highlights film

Wedding highlight films are summary of your wedding celebrations. It can be summary of all events or just the wedding day.  We will showcase all precious moments of your wedding celebration in the highlights. Wedding highlights offer cinematic experience. Here is an example of wedding highlight film!


same day edit (sde)

Same Day Edit (SDE) video is an affordable add-on to your wedding package. We will edit your wedding film on same day using footages either from wedding day and/or Garba-Sangeet-Grah Santi-Pithi Ceremony.  The most humbling and inspiring moment is watching the couple and guests enjoy the timeless memories we captured just moments before. Seeing the smiles and sometimes even sweet tears from the client and their family is priceless. SDE video is an additional add-on. 

If you are interested in seeing more wedding film, go to Indian Wedding Cinematography page. 

If you would like to check your wedding date availability, go to contact-us page. 


Most frequent questions and answers

We believe in providing the best cinematic experience for your wedding day. We are expert when it comes to artistic shooting style and capturing important moments. Our post production work is in well advanced  when compared with others. You can see final work on same day edit, next day edit or in few weeks/months – quickest turn around time out there. 

Equipments are used based on your package selection. In general, we are equipped with latest high-end professional gears whether it is camera, lens/cine lens, gimbal, stabilizers, audio recorders, sliders or drones. 

Yes, We can shoot weddings in full HD 1080p or UHD 4K. 

Yes, we recommend you send us list of songs that you would like on either full documentary style movie or for short highlight film. We will select the best suitable songs from it. If you do not have any preference, then we will simply select songs that we feel are best suitable for your movie.

Generally, we collect all feedback about your final film including song selection before the post production. But if needed to trim the portion or extend the portion to be bit longer then that is doable. We offer one-time revision for basic changes such as typo, trimming or extending. 

We will need 20% retainer fee and signed contract in order to book your wedding. Please use the contact form to provide details on date, venue, and contact information, We will contact you asap. 

We provide coverage for Cinematography, Photography, and Photo Booth. Call us to inquire about your wedding, we are one stop vendor for your wedding.