Live Stream Your Wedding

Indian Wedding Live Streaming

Do you require live video streaming of your wedding ceremony? If your answer is Yes, You have come to the right place. 

Due to Covid-19, Most Indian Weddings are small intimate gathering with very close families and friends. Many families and friends that are living locally or abroad will not be able to witness your wedding. 

We offer live video streaming of the wedding whether it is small intimate or large upscale gatherings. We provide the most up-to-date technology solution to live stream your wedding whether it is at venue or backyard. We also provide our own Internet Service so you need not worry about anything. All you need to do is purchase our live video streaming service, and we will broadcast your wedding with the highest quality to unlimited viewers with live chat option. 

Multi Cameras live streaming

We provide Audio and Video feed from our prof. DSLR cinema camera which allow us to provide the highest quality video streaming. Live link/URL will be provided prior to your wedding so that you can distribute link/url to your guests ahead of the time. They can watch it from smart phone, tablets, laptop/desktop, or smart tv. 

Services we offer:

Live streaming one camera over internet

Live streaming multi-cameras over internet

Live streaming one camera at venue (big screen)

Live streaming multi-cameras at venue (big screen)

Unlimited viewers & Live chat

Do not fall for companies that are offering live streaming service where they will set up webcam or laptop in one corner without any attendant. We have heard many complains from clients so please be aware of these companies. Our live streaming service will be handled by a Prof. Cinematographer who will show main ceremony with clear view as well as guests when possible.

Call/Text 2013944682 to check your date availability and pricing.

Single Camera live streaming